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Where Did It All Begin? A few years ago I was fed up of getting colds and flu. I had taken so many antibiotics that my immune system was shot. I began to read up on 'complementary therapies' and nutrition and tried to use a combination of reflexology and nutrition to help cure myself of these ailments. Much to my surprise it worked!

I decided to go and study Reflexology with the Irish Reflexology Institute. I began to practice Reflexology once I completed my diploma and loved it. As my business developed, I got more and more enquiries from pregnant women who were looking for reflexology to help them through the nine months. I decided to go on and complete a certificate in Maternity Reflexology. I found the course fascinating and I decided then that I would really like to work more with pregnant women and help them enjoy this unique experience. I also began to treat infants and children with reflexology and the results were incredible.

When I heard that an Infant Massage training course was coming to Ireland, it really grabbed my attention. I realised massage with Reflexology for infants would be a dynamic combination. I completed the certificate course in Infant Massage with the International Association of Infant Massage and I now teach parents and care givers how to massage infants. It has been a really rewarding experience so far.

I decided to complete a certificate in Pregnancy Yoga with an English company called Birthlight. I had been practicing yoga for about 3 years. I had read a lot about pregnancy yoga so I thought what a great way to continue and expand my work with pregnant women.

In November 2004, I completed the Yoga Bugs Teacher Training Course. I really wanted to teach yoga to children for years. I think its great to get them interested so early in their lives and it's something they can continue to practice for years.

At the moment, I am studying to be a Naturopath and will specialise in Homeopathy in two years time.
I believe in this area of work continuous personal development is key.

There is so much to learn you've got to keep going!

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