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Origins of Baby Massage: Vimala McClure spent time working in an Indian Orphanage in 1973 and learnt how to massage infants from the girls who worked there with her. She quickly observed the benefits of infant massage. Later she returned to America and began practicing Indian Massage on her infant. She then incorporated some Swedish movements and Reflexology and put together a curriculum for a five-week course. She wrote Infant Massage in 1977 and began to train other educators.

Then in 1981 the International Association of Infant Massage was born. There are now qualified Infant Massage Instructors all around the world. They are committed to helping parents and caregivers learn interactive communication with infants through positive loving touch.

Oils for Infant Massage: Baby massage oil should act as a lubricant, making it possible to carry out massage movements without causing drag or friction. Massaging without oil can be irritating, especially for a sensitive newborn. The oil should act as an emollient, and should be both soothing and moisturising.

The IAIM do not recommend using commercially produced baby massage oils. These mineral oils are not ideal as the oil does not absorb into the baby's outer layers of skin, leaving a greasy film on the ski. This can block pores and hamper natural skin functions (e.g. sweating).

The way the oil is produced will determine its worth as a baby massage medium, it is important to use good quality oil from a trustworthy manufacturer. True organic oil will be expensive and may not be freely available, as not only the seed must be organically grown but also the production process should exclude the use of chemicals.

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